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Dental Machine
Always Open and Indipendent

Dental Machine is an Italian-owned company that makes and markets its own-brand products. It has been in CAD CAM dentistry for over a decade. It is not tied to any material or tool manufacturers, to allow customers to make choices freely and without paying any royalties.

Its philosophy involves open and transparent systems; clients are not obliged to make any further purchases and can even change milling strategies as they wish. Although upgrades are recommended, they are not mandatory.


Dental Machine
We develop technology for you and with you

Dental Machine designs and manufactures NC dental machining centers with 5 to 11 axes, which are used to work on all materials, Cobalt-Chrome included. This is guaranteed with the best Italian value for money/performance, thanks to our policies of sales and customer support.

The milling machines are designed and reviewed together with the best of the Italian dental technicians, aiming to make their work easier: our scanners, CAD, CAM software and milling machines are easy to use but at the same time they can be open to suit your needs and experience.

We continue to grow every day, with you and thanks to you.

Innovation and Tradition
Made in Italy

Established in 2011, as an innovative start up just to develop dental CAD-CAM technology, it benefits from 10 years of experience in the dental sector and over 40 years in NC machinery.

With G5 it joins granite – a material traditionally used in precision machines – with the very best cutting-edge technologies (5 axes simultaneous machining, brushless motors, optical encoders, planetary gearboxes, etc.) to bring customers the best possible value for money / performance available on the market. The G5 is the world’s only dental milling machine with not just the base but all three axes in granite to guarantee stability over time.

Dental Machine Srl
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