Costs and Benefits
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The sales philosophy

Economist Jeremy Rifkin states that: “for the buyer, the seller must represent zero cost. The seller has to work alongside the buyer to help him improve business and profits, and share the results. This way, the seller is not selling a product, but hiring out knowhow and experience, becoming the client’s partner.” Dental Machine has espoused this philosophy and always looks to the end user. Thus, we have developed a model to “check out their budget”, working with the customers to make sure that their investment is the right one, helping them make the best decision.

Outside processing costs
Internal processing costs
Annual savings
Stats Dental Machine 5 axis milling machine

Small laboratories

Superior quality and excellent turnaround times are basical for the growth of any lab, in both professional and volume terms.  Even small labs (with just one person) can draw great advantages from the G5 and increase both quality and turnover.

Large laboratories

Optimizing costs and machining times at the same time is perhaps the dream of every dental lab.  In a medium-large size laboratory, the G5 can pay for itself in just 1-2 years, but its working life is much, much longer.

Clinics with in-house laboratory

A dental clinic with a in-house laboratory cannot be limited to the simple calculation above, which is still valid but does not take into account factors such as work quality, speed of execution, possible post-milling interventions, etc., which make these assessments more complex. In a clinic, CAD-CAM technologies and the G5 milling machine can really give the competitive edge in terms of turnaround times and the quality of a finished job.

Stats Dental Machine 5 axis milling machine

We follow the philosophy of open and clear systems
Clients are not forced to make any further purchases and upgrades

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