A6 – The New Compact Milling Machine By Dental Machine

A6 machine is Dental Machine’s revolutionary milling machine for soft materials.

Dental Machine’s A6 machine is a milling system conceived to be open and scalable.

Optional configurations and devices are available in order to make the system accessible and to offer the chance to customize according to the laboratory’s real needs.

  • Compact (without renouncing to quality)
  • 5-axis milling machine
  • Dry and Wet milling* (*Optional)
  • Precision
  • Open system
  • Standard Disc-holder (98mm diameter)
  • Lithium Disilicate and Glass-Ceramics milling kit* (*Optional)

Compact and functional design
Table-top machine designed for soft materials

Conceived to work hard…on soft materials
Solid structure made of steel for the best stability (98 kg)

All the control that you need
Optimized strategies for a 5-axis-in-continuous milling on all materials

High-range mechanic components
Cartesian movements with ground and polished worm screws and recirculating ball bushings

Optimised functioning
Automatic tool change with 11 positions available

Indisputable quality
High-frequency Jäger spindle, 0.5 kW – 60,000 rpm

Conceived to make better, ready for the future

In the past years, the dental technician’s job always linked to the single operator’s manual skills and  proficiency, has been completely mutating thanks to the new digital technologies. Digital and virtual equipments and Cad-Cam systems are the new tools, the new language for the dental technician. At the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution, there are great opportunities to catch for whoever can read and lead the change. In this scenario, A6 machine may represent a starting point and an added resource for all the companies who foresee a concrete chance to grow in the digital era.

Dental Machine’s philosophy: industrial constructive logic

Single unit in aluminium to guarantee the best rigidity and the least thermal differential among the components.

Functional design to make the cleanliness of the case easy

Created from the constructive experience gained through elevated performance and highly reliable design.

All the components are rigorously made in Italy.

Workings and Materials

Thanks to A6 machine, you can project your digital manufacture with a new high-performance device or increase your manufacturing skills whether you already use other milling machines. The range of workings and materials allows you to satisfy a great amount of the market’s demand.

Technical features

Number of axes: 5 axes in continuousAxis-tilt angle: A 15° + -(tot 30°)Linear axis resolution: ± 0.003 mm (3μ)
Size: 570 x 600 x 630 mmDisc diameter (mm) : 98mmManaging of duplicated tool: Optional
Weight: 98 KgTool stem diameter (mm) : 3Dry machining
Automatic tool changeTool breakage recognition
Wet milling: Optional
Number of tool positions: 11Power supply (single-phase)
220÷240 V – 50÷60 Hz
High-frequency Electrospindle
Jäger 0.5 kW – 60,000 rpm
Compressed Air: OptionalElecotrospindle couple
8 Ncm
Noise level min. 60dB
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