A5 – The first CAD-CAM

A5 Dental Machine milling machine 5 axis fresatore dentale

Dental Machine A5
The entry-level milling machine

A5 is the entry level milling machine by Dental Machine, specifically developed for the dental labs or dental clinics, which start approaching the CAD-CAM technology and needs an important return on the investment.
A5 is a table-top, 5-axis, numerically controlled milling/grinding machine, very easy to use, with 5 axes interpolated continuously. It can mill almost any dental item (crown, bridges, models, full dentures, etc.) in any “soft” material (wax, PMMA, PEEK, other resins, composites, zirconia, aluminium, etc.) or grind hard materials such as ceramics, lithium disilicate, etc.

Wax, PMMA, PEEK, Resins
Lithium disilicate

A5 – Technical specifications

Open system

Use of standard STL files in input for the best compatibility with other components of the system. No commitment to use our materials / tools and no mandatory yearly software updating: it will work forever even if not updated. And you can also decide your colour (RAL table) or in carbon fibre.

The Highest Precision

Movement on XYZ axes with precision ball screws and backlash recovery, directly driven by brushless motors with precision encoders for continuous position check.
The 2 rotary axes play with the same motors and zero backlash harmonic drive gearboxes.

5 Axes
Continuous Interpolation

5 axes managed in continuous are needed for modern implantology, which places implants in the optimum position and optimum angle, with no restriction. For simpler jobs, 5 axes are often useful to reduce the blank thickness (less time and less consumption of materials and tools).

16 Tool Positions Available

Automatic tool changer, 9 tools on board but 16 tool positions available; automatic measure of tool length and tool breakage checker. Mainly build in aluminium alloy (Anticorodal 6082) to reduce its weight.


Dimensions660 (L) x 1000 (P) x 950 (H) mm
Weight186 Kg
Tool changeAutomatic. 9 on-board tools
Spindle10-60.000 rounds/min
Rotating AnglesA = ±30° C = 360°
DiscsØ = 98,5 mm with border
Thickness 10-30 mm
Tool Measurement ± 0,001 mm (1 μ)
Tool length37 – 50 mm




Electro-spindle with a rotation speed from 18.000 rpm up to 60.000 rpm. Quick-insertion blank holder for 98,5 mm disk with step. Optional: tooling for hard-material wet milling. On request, equipment for wet grinding of hard materials (disilicates and like). Connection to external suction system, turned on automatically when needed. Status of the machine shown by coloured lights. Bus based on CANopen technology to provide extreme reliability.


The CAM software – Dental Millbox by Sum3D (OEM version) – supplied with the milling machine is perfectly integrated with major dental CADs and very easy to use. With a click you can perform thickness optimization, automatic positioning on the blank (new or used), acceptance of proposed pinning, checking for collision etc. and includes milling strategies for most materials used in dental sector. Machine control by an external PC or tablet (not included), Windows operating system.


In addition to simplicity of use and careful training, Dental Machine is offering the most important item in dental CAD CAM: a careful and customised support – even out of normal working hours – to his clients to support them inthe change of technology. Connection to Ethernet / Wi-Fi for remote support.

A5 is the entry level milling machine by Dental Machine

Why 5 axes

Modern oral implantology places the implants in the best position and at the best angle for each specific implant. Thus the manufacture of the prosthesis needs a 5-axis machining and even better if the axes move simultaneously.
However, 5 axes are useful on traditional jobs to place the prosthesis-to-be in the disc, minimizing its thickness (higher speeds, lower consumption of materials and less tool wear). The lower cost of a 4-axis machine does not justify its limits; thus dental Machine stopped manufacturing 4-axis machines some years ago.

K10: the automatic disc changer

Optimise and reorganise Your work

The automatic disc changer is now available for a relevant increase of your performance on Dental Machine’s product line. It can be applied as an accessory for a new machine or as a retrofit for those machines (A5, C5, C6) which have been already working.

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